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Thank you for your interest in empowering women and children through yoga. yogaG mobilizes yoga instruction exclusively in domestic violence shelters. Please complete the application and yogaG will contact you shortly.
NOTE: Some shelters may not allow male yoga instructors; however, male instructors looking to give back through yogaG are encouraged to complete the application or contact yogaGto discuss other ways to help.

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Letter to Shelter Directors

Just a few years ago I was living in a domestic violence shelter in Iowa. I arrived in the middle of the night with my two daughters. I was in pretty bad shape. I found the shelter staff to be extremely helpful, even if I wasn't always feeling open to their help. I am so thankful that they stuck with me and continued to provide encouragement as I made positive steps along my healing journey. 

Three years after I moved out of the shelter, I came in contact with yogaG. The organizer of yogaG, Sarah Johnson, was starting a new program in the same shelter where I stayed with my daughters for about nine months. yogaG is an organization that gives shelter residents some crucial tools to help them become stronger and healthier. yogaG provides free yoga instruction, a free mat, and a chance for women to take some time out of their day to just relax, breathe, and try some yoga postures.

Yoga has helped me connect with my inner and outer strength. yogaG offers opportunities for women and children to practice yoga right in the shelter. Yoga has helped me regain power and control over my body and provides me the ability to center myself. 

Yoga has helped me feel better about myself, more relaxed, and amazingly strong! I hope that you will consider offering yogaG in your shelter - I really believe your clients will benefit from it. 

I wish you well,

a domestic violence survivor

P.S. - Kids LOVE yoga too!
Frequently Asked Questions: Shelter Directors
  • What is yoga? There are many different ways to define yoga. The word "yoga" means to unite the mind, body and spirit. Practicing yoga helps find a place of balance and joy and helps you connect with your inner and outer strength.
  • What is yogaG? yogaG is an organization that offers free yoga classes and free yoga mats in domestic violence shelters. Instructors are specially trained to teach women and children living in shelters.
  • Why do yoga? Yoga offers many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Yoga may help create a sense of well being and calm, reduce stress and tension, help regain power and control over your body and tons more!
  • Is yoga a type of religion? The practice of yoga does not require a belief in a certain religion, doctrine or philosophy. yogaG instructors do not talk about yoga philosophy or religion during classes offered at the shelter. Yoga in the shelter is very low key and relaxing!
  • What if shelter residentsare unfamiliar with yoga (or excercise generally)? No problem! Yoga taught in the shelter is appropriate for beginners. Participants are encouraged to let their instructor knowabout any physical conditions or limitations that might impactthe ability to do certain postures. Most women and children that come to class have never tried yoga before.
  • How much space is need to host a yoga class? Many shelters have limited space. That's ok! Usually furniture in community rooms, offices or dining rooms can be moved out of the way to provide adequate space to conduct yoga classes. Contact yogaG about space limitations at your shelter. 

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